SMAU 2011 – Radio Marconi and his MODE 23 hosted as special guests at Cisco booth

Radio Marconi, supported by the partnership with the international technology  leader Cisco, proposed, at the famous Italian exhibition Smau 2011, his new technology: MODE 23.

MODE 23 is an high technological solution that could improve the quality of the events and user experiences with the use of devices directly integrated into the seatbacks;  The highly  multimedia features are the keys to let the user gain a totally revolutionary interaction with the event.

The audience becomes the main character as the event turns into a real experience.

Radio Marconi’s MODE 23 technology was chosen as the multimedia system of new Opera House of Muscat in the Oman sultanate.

The importance of the project was also recognized by Cisco with the innovation award in 2011.

SMAU 2011 – Radio Marconi presenta la nuova frontiera dell’innovazione: MODE23.

Radio Marconi, forte della partnership con il leader mondiale in soluzioni di rete CISCO,  è presente al noto evento fieristico dedicato all’informatica e alle nuove tecnologie, SMAU 2011.

Tra i tanti espositori, Radio Marconi espone la sua innovativa tecnologia  interattiva e multimediale: MODE 23.

MODE 23 è una soluzione innovativa dedicata a stadi, auditorium e teatri e permette di integrare nelle classiche poltrone, o sedute, un terminale per fruire di contenuti video in alta definizione e altri servizi interattivi che permettono di rivoluzionare l’esperienza dello spettatore e il valore degli eventi.

Lo spettatore diventa protagonista e l’evento diviene realtà.

La tecnologia MODE23 di Radio Marconi è stata installata in tutti i 1200 posti a sedere della nuova Opera House di Muscat, nel sultanato dell’Oman, il primo progetto al mondo con questo livello di tecnologia avanzata.

Il progetto è stato inoltre premiato con l’Innovation Award 2011 di Cisco.

Mode23 at the Royal Opera House in Muscat

This arabian-style Opera House is a daring and visionary project initiated by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and it is expected to bring together multiple strands of creativity and innovation in both architectural form and structural design; it will be part of a new urban center and will represent one of the most important cultural venues of the Persic Gulf area: Muscat will soon have the honour of being the only country in the region to host its own opera house. The new venue is projected to compete with the main international theaters and concert halls. Both the interior finishes quality and the technologies adopted must meet with these challenging and advanced standards. Only the best architects, consultants and contractors from all over the world are taking part to the project and Radio Marconi was invited by the Royal Court of Affairs (RCA) of the Sultanate of Oman for competing for the installation of the most advanced and reliable technology for seat-backs currently available. This technology had to fit with the design of the theater. Following technical evaluations, Radio Marconi won the competition and has been charged to install its technology in all the 1.100 seats of the theater.
Radio Marconi Mode23 technology was also recently awarded as the Most Innovative Business Impacting Network of the Year during the Cisco Innovation Award 2011. This award confirms the success achieved by the company with its innovative interactive multimedia solutions. “Radio Marconi’s “Mode 23″ is first in the world revolutionary system that turns any cultural and entertainment event into a live multimedia experience that captures the user’s attention, involvement and enthusiasm thanks to the interactive touch screen devices integrated on the seat back;  each user can choose among several video channels, and select a simultaneous translation audio and text in own language with a voting and survey capabilities. Furthermore each user can decide to visualize specific customized contents or information about the event and the sponsors and also directly purchases through an integrated credit card reader, ” says Mr. Stefano De Lissandri, President and CEO of Radio Marconi.

Radio Marconi designed systems represent a first-to-market example of sustainable technological integration aimed to transform the standard Sport, Cultural, Conference & Entertainment venue in a reliable multi-content point of experience for  the  audience. From radio and video communication systems, to the most advanced multimedia solutions for cultural and sport institutions or conference centers and up to the latest technologies for digital signage, proximity marketing and digital out of home, our solutions stand out on the multimedia technology market for the absolutely innovative and unique ability to integrate audio, video and text contents in order to offer the user an interactive and involving experience, with total user-friendliness.